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My Guide to Cosmic Education

18 Jul

What is Cosmic Education?

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Where am I going?

What is my Cosmic Purpose?

Are these questions REALLY appropriate for children age 6-9 (and 9-12) ?



Start 0:30 of clip below from Dead Poet’s Society:

Poetry, Beauty, Truth

“That you are here? That life exists!

…That the powerful play goes on! And you may contribute a verse



What will your verse be?”

That, in a nutshell, is your ‘Cosmic Task’. What will YOUR verse be?

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never do something creative.” – Ken Robinson

Start at 15:10 -17:30 and view the video below:


Steve Jobs agrees that we have a Cosmic Task

28 Jul

Cosmic Education:

“The World IS the way it IS….” No, “The world was made by people (no smarter) than people just like you” says Steve Jobs. I would say that all persons are smart and people are even smarter. Because when persons get together and collaborate as people and peoples we get civilization. Humans, as a civilization, have been able to move from the stone age to the stars. And the technological progress is expanding at an exponential rate. Just look at what we’ve done, as a people, with the internet from 1996 to 2014!

The task of the child is to find her or his cosmic task. We all have something to contribute.

The Bad News: We lost the soccer game. The Good News?

20 Jul

The left winger for my Sunday soccer team is a physicist!

Introducing Matthew F, Professor of Physics.

We had a brief conversation (after our crushing 2-0 loss to Dubliner Pub FC) about Quarks, String Theory, Unified Field Theory, and why most of the things we now know about physics have been around since 1915. Then a brief discussion about how stronger telescopes and advances in technology lead to greater certainty/uncertainty about the nature of the universe. The CERN Hadron collider in Switzerland has led to confirmation of the Higgs Boson particle.


Supporting Lessons:

1. What is the smallest piece of something? Atoms, Quarks, and Elements

2. Is Pluto a planet or a rock? why? introduction to classifying heavenly bodies

3. Parallel Universes. What if we lived on flat surface?

4. Time line of the heavans: How long have we known about the 9 planets?

5. How technology leads to discovery which leads to new technologies:

from galileo’s first telescope (designed by someone else) to the Hubble telescope and he Hadron collider, how has new technology led to greater certainty of our universe. Also,sometimes experiments clearly DISPROVE our theories. Example: the experiment with the “luminous ether” that proved it did not exist.

Hopes and Dreams for the School Year–What is our Cosmic Task?

1 Jul

In Responsive Classroom, we begin the elementary school year by establishing our Hopes and Dreams for the year. By setting attainable goals, we create a REASON for being in the classroom. By beginning with intention and purpose, we invite our students to buying in to our goal of education. We create ownership and responsibility by then using these individual dreams to create a contract of daily responsibility. i.e RULES.

There’s a wealth of info on that on the Responsive Classroom Blog.

More info here:

ideas and read alouds here:

How do we tie all this to the Elementary Montessori concept: WHAT IS OUR COSMIC TASK?




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