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More than one Geographic

9 Dec

Websites I like:

There’s more than one GEOGRAPHIC in the world. I read Asia Geographic religiously when I was in Taiwan. It’s published out of Singapore. Here are some photos from AG:


100 Friends / 100 Photos Contest

6 Dec

Peter’s Around the World Contest: 100 Friends / 100 Photos

Deadline: December 14th, 2012

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you because you love to take photos, love to travel or both. I’m currently in training to be a Montessori teacher for children age 3 – 6. I’ve been tasked with creating 7 albums of photos, 1 for each continent on our planet. Each album must contain photos of people, places, tools, wildlife, children, transportation, food, plants, etc. in short every aspect of life for every country on the planet. This is truly a tremendous task. My LONG TERM goal is to get 100 photos from 100 friends by September 2013.

However, I’ve only been asked to turn in 15 photos for each continent by Dec. 20th.

Now, I could simply clip photos from National Geographic or various travel websites, but  that’s so impersonal. I’d rather get photos and stories from you!

What I need:

Photos with a caption. See sample below. Details;

  1. Photo must be a clear and beautiful depiction of some aspect of life in a culture i.e. people, food, transportation, landscape, wildlife, food, plants, etc.
  2. Photo must be accompanied by a brief caption. Including:
    1. City, Country, Continent  Example: Taipei, Taiwan, Asia
    2. Brief description: Example: This is a Night Market stand. The people are eating stinky tofu, a popular snack. (Descriptions can be longer if you want. Preferably under 50 words. The caption is supposed to be read at a glance so I can explain this to a 3 year old).
  3. Other guidelines:
    1. What I want most: photos & stories from Africa, Oceania, Europe, and Antarctica. Also: Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, Canada and Mexico. I already have plenty on the United States and Asia but I’ll gladly take more!
    2. I’d love to have photos of children doing what children do. 3 year olds love to see what children their age or older do around the world.
    3. Nature photos are great too! It doesn’t have to feature people or animals.
    4. What I don’t need: war, violence, alcohol, anything you wouldn’t want to show a 3 year old child, family photos. The emphasis is on what typical people native to a culture do.


Caption: Sanjūsangendō (三十三間堂, Sanjūsangendō) is a Buddhist temple in Higashiyama District of Kyoto, Japan.

What you get: 

  • Everyone who submits a photo with a brief caption will get the joy of knowing they’ve contributed to a young child’s understanding of the world. You will be providing the first glimpse of this culture to this child. Submitted by: Your Namewill appear on the back of each photo you submit.
  • Are you a professional photographer? Do you have a website? I will gladly accept photos with an inconspicuous watermark advertising your website. I will also gladly list your website on the back of the photos in the captioned area. In all likelihood, I will be using these materials for the next 10 years and sharing them with Montessori teachers and parents who may want to visit your website.
  • Grand Prize: On or before midnight, January 3rd, CST I will post a song, poem, lymric, or short story in the form of a video featuring the names, places and stories of the winners.

Who wins?

  • The Grand Prize will be awarded to whomever submits the most photos and/or the best story by the deadline. There will hopefully be multiple winners. Anyone who submits 10 or more captioned photos automatically wins.
  • Current MTCTM students will receive an equal number of photos from me that I receive from them. I.E. you give me 5 photos of Africa, I give you 5 photos of Asia.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • If you submit photos to me, you are consenting to letting me publish these photos in print (in my classroom) and on the web for educational purposes only. I do not have your permission to sell or make a profit of the photos you submit.

Submit to: or directly to my Facebook wall. Please feel free to share and repost with friends!

三十三間堂, Sanjūsangendō

2 Dec

Sanjūsangendō (三十三間堂, Sanjūsangendō) is a Buddhist temple in Higashiyama District of Kyoto, Japan. Officially known as “Rengeō-in”(蓮華王院本堂), Sanjusangendo belongs to and is run by the Myoho-in temple, a part of the Tendai school of Buddhism. The temple name literally means Hall with thirty three spaces between columns, describing the architecture of the long main hall of the temple.

Sanjusangendo, outside

My trip to San Ju San Gendo at Christmas, 2011



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