The Montessori Company

21 Jun

This is a new Montessori supplier that was brought to my attention this month:

There materials are exquisite and look handmade. They are available for download and printing. So far they most have language materials for the 3-6 environment. I’m hoping with time that they add more Math, geography and other materials.


More “About” them:

“Michelle received her M.Ed. from Loyola University and was trained as an AMI elementary guide by Kay Baker at the Washington Montessori Institute. She taught in an elementary classroom in Chicago and helped to organize a new Montessori environment in Switzerland before moving to Puebla, Mexico for her AMI primary training under Coral Ruiz. She has since been a primary guide at the Montessori Academy Bangkok International School in Thailand, but recently moved to Denver, CO where she is studying with Judi Orion in the AMI Assistants to Infancy program for the summer.

While in Thailand Michelle joined forces with the amazing illustrator Erik Rempen (a former Montessori student) and the talented internet aficionado Jan Klimo in an effort to bring beautiful Montessori materials into the homes and classrooms of Montessorians around the world. The Montessori Company is dedicated to ensuring the beauty and philosophical consistency of Montessori environments everywhere, making it easy for parents and guides to buy hand-crafted products designed to follow Maria Montessori’s philosophy.

We hope that you enjoy our materials! If you need help navigating the website or have suggestions for materials we should create, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to”


Trading cards as a teaching tool

14 Jun

Why Use board / Card games in the classroom?

  1. I found that the idea of incorporating Pokémon into lesson plans was not new after doing research via the Internet. I came across a rather interesting collection of lesson plans at this website called “Master The Science… Master the Game!” found here at This website presents several science lesson plans that connect science theories and ideas to the Pokémon Platinum game. They connect ideas of time and space in relation to the Pokémon Dialga and Palkia. The lessons are designed for grades three through eight. I think that this lesson can be successfully implemented in a classroom because most students will take an interest in it, especially if they have played Platinum. The idea of learning something in relation to a video game is exciting. It can only be beneficial students because students will want to learn about it, rather than feeling like they have to.

2.What Pokémon Can Teach Us about Learning and Literacy :


We can learn much about the codes and ways of talking and doing associated with popular culture texts by closely observing children.

teaching ideas:



Guide to bilingual pokemon cards:

As someone who has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese it’s very interesting to me that often the names for Pokemon cards get translated or changed when the cards are imported into America culture.

US and World Landmarks

28 May
  1. Start with some flashcards
    1. Amazon: Rand McNally
  2. Get some figurines
  3. Research some facts

Some Blog posts that were really helpful:





  1. Amazon:
  2. ” Kids can travel the world without leaving home with this spectacular set of world facts and landmarks flashcards. Fantastic photos will be sure to capture any youngsters’ curiosity and introduce them to more than 40 of the world’s most famous landmarks.Features include:

    • 44 world landmark photo-based flashcards with corresponding country and continent information, as well as fun facts about each site

    • 7 continent key facts flashcards

    • 1 instruction card with two game suggestions that will educate and entertain

    • 1 index card for easy discovery of landmarks by continent

    • 53 total flashcards

    • Dimensions: 3 11/16″ x 5 1/4″

Resources: (downloads)




U.S. :



Mars and Some of the Nicer Planets

10 May

Blackout Poetry

28 Mar



  7. Make a poem out of this!



Geography Explosion

27 Mar


Imagine Our Life is a phenomenal blog


My original inspiration was from the March 2016 AMS conference in Chicago, Workshop 5,

Hands on the Continents with Teri Noble.

Teresa Noble

Teresa Noble, MA, is education and program director for the Institute for Guided Studies in Camden, SC. She is a member of the MACTE Board of Directors. MEPI-credentialed (Early Childhood).

Other sites and ideas:

3D Salt Dough Maps:

Or just by a TOOB at Michaels

Writer’s Workshop

19 Mar

Writing Alphabet Books:

Language Arts Graphic Organizers


Montessori for Social Justice

6 Mar




The Past:

teaching the blues

5 Mar

Resources for teachers:



For kids:


Baby Proofing

23 Jan

It’s time to trade in that coffee table for an Ottoman and to hide those remote controls.

If it’s eye catching, it better be edible, or it better go away…..


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